Some Panama tips for travellers

Enjoy the city, tour the jungle and bask in some of the most colourful beaches.

Panama nice places

Take a wall through its different streets, beautiful plazas hosting fine mansions, terraced cafés, art galleries and restaurants.

Historic sites

Don’t miss some of the historic sites whose defensive walls were dismantled a very long time ago but it 16th and 17th century structed still remain. Featuring churches like, the church of San José whose priceless, baroque gold altar miraculously escape the pirates of the likes Henry Morgan.

Don’t forget

To make it a memorable stay and pictured the moment, make sure you do not miss on some essential items to bring along. We list below some items we believe will help in achieving this aim.

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag
  • Snack
  • Map

Panama magic moments

From its booming, high-rise banking district to its legendary canal, rich biodeversity, wildlife and crystal clear water beaches, Panama is the place to be at when travelling to central america.

Old Panama city ruins

Known as Panama Viejo, served as the main hub for trade and commerce during the Spanish colonial period. Founded in 1519 and later sacked and destroyed by the english pirate Henry Morgan in 1671.

UNESCO World Heritage

An important cultural and historical landmark in Panama city, reminding of its rich history and trouble past.

Explore the remains of its original settlement, including the cathedral tower, convent of the Nuns of the Conceptions and all the ruble left behind after it was ransacked and burned by old pirates.

Do not Forget

Book in advance for all rides and tours. We bill cash and credit cards via external link provided by a third party payment processor. We bill a 50% upfront charge for all our bookings except where otherwise stated. This is a non-refundable charge. We do not refund last minute cancellations. If you do need to cancel, we will require at least three days’ notice and a 50% refund will be returned on all fully paid trips.

Third party transport

Please be aware City Jungle takes no responsibility for cancellations or misinformtion given by a third party provide (e.g. boat rides, yatch, or even road transportation) you may have contacted for any specific lap on a given trip. All compliance and reliability issues, pay disputes should be addressed with the given party.

Our recommendation

Always be on time and cancel well in advance to avoid any disputes. Below you will see some of the time we include and do not include in our rides. Please if what you need is not included, do let us know to make arrangements.

  • Pick up  and drop off at your hotel.
  • Full AC van or taxi (depending on group size).
  • Bottled water.
  • English speaking guide (depending on availability).
  • Break for lunch (if needed).
  • Recommendations and tips.
  • No free lunch included.
  • No drinks or soda included.
  • No hotel pick up if outside main city area included (ask for service).
  • No extra charges included.