We offer two types of payment methods:

1. You can make your payments via cash on hand. We will request for a non-refundable deposit unless unforseeable circumstances would have us cancel the trip for you.

2. We also take credit card payments via an external link we will send you for our third party payment processor.

Our payment methods are subject to change and upgrade without prior notice but you can always check this space for the latest update in this regard.

Visit the old quater, go to the canal, go to San Blas or do a beach tour. Relax and enjoy the tropical weather Panama has to offer. Make new friends and connections. Ask questions and advice on the things you would like to do or even places you would like to explore. Get a good guide and preferrably someone that is fluent in English so there are no communications barrier. Make it your trip, own it and customize it according to your needs and budget.

Plan ahead, ask questions and be safe. Although we give our best advice to make sure you enjoy your stay, you will always be the one responsible for common sense and safety. Make sure you know the areas you should not go into and if not sure, just ask us. Other than that, be equip with all the stuff you might need to make sure you do not lack anything and your stay is pleasant.

Please check out our terms and conditions for additional information and send us an email should you need more details.

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to confirmation and while we make every effort to confirm services, please make sure you set your bookings in advance as there might be an extra charge for late minute bookings. We run a non-refundable cancellation policy for late notice. If you do cancel within a 3 day notice, you will be subject to a 50 per cent refund. We also require a 50 per cent upfront deposit for any service ranging over one day.

As well as city and jungle tours, we do transfers and special trips. We accommodate to our customer’s needs. Not all our trips and tours are set. The customer is welcome to make request or even customize their own trip as they see fit. We will help with advice and answering questions  to the best of our ability. Please note any transfer that includes several trips over a day, will require a 50 per cent upfront deposit. Also we run a non-refundable cancellation policy for trips cancelled last minute. If you do cancel within a three day’s notice, we will refund 50 per cent.