The beaches vary from soft white sand and border calm turquoise water to grey or black sand served by routine swells that lure surfers. There are pretty beaches at Santa Clara and Farallon on the pacific side and on the Atlantic side you can find the langosta beach and islands.

Staying on the pacific both Santa Clara and Farallon lying with a 2-hour driver from the city are good for swimming. There are both near the Decameron resort and bring out good crowds of beach-goers over the weekend. You will also find cabins and restaurants offering seafood for lunch.

Of course, you do have the option of a tropical island by touring a premier beach destination like Comarca Kuna Yala. Comarca Kuna Yala hosts over 350 islands scattered off the Caribbean coast offering picture-postcard type beaches with powdery white sand, coral reef, piercing turquoise water, and clusters of swaying palm trees. The province is run by the indigenous Kuna population in their natural habitat.

You could also consider the province of Bocas del Toro which hosts another set of beautiful islands and beaches such as Cayos Zapatillas or “Slippers Island” with soft white sand, rich corals and fish for good snorkeling and surrounded by jungle. Or you could consider surf beaches like Red Frog Beach for surfing, and others, etc. You could also go bird watching at “Bird Island” or monkey spotting at “Monkey Island” or even go dolphin spotting at “Dolphin’s Bay”.

On the atlantic side you have Isla Grand or “Grand Island” and Isla Mamey which at both beautiful beaches with white sand and blue water. You also have Isla Huertas and Playa Blanca ideal for a weekend, short or long stay by either staying at a hotel or cabin or even doing some camping of your own. There is a water taxi that will take you to and from the islands at a reasonable fee.

There is also a variety of beach resorts and hotels available for your own choosing. Among the many we have Playa Blanca resort, Sheraton Bijao, Decameron resort, Coronado Bay resort, etc…Enjoy calm waters and long stretches of sand for walks according to your budget. Panama taxi service tours and transfers to the beach of your own choosing. Do contact us, tell us where you need to go and we will drive you to it.