A hub for international banking and commerce and gateway to tropical escapes. The country has a dense skyline of high-rise buildings and it is surrounded by a large belt of tropical rain-forest.

Known as the “crossroads of the Americas” bridging both North and South America with a name meaning “abundance of fish” in indigenous language. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and Eco-tourists alike, it boasts incredibly diverse fauna and flora and boasts over 900 different bird species. Additionally, many of the indigenous tribes are still living in the same ancestral manner culturally enriching its fabric.

Our Panama taxi service will guide your tour around the country through a variety of sites and locations to enjoy such as: The old quarter, Miraflores Visitors Center at the Miraflores set of Locks on the Pacific Side Panama, The old Panama city ruins, the Ancon top hill, the Amador causeway and many others.

The old quarter or “Casco Antiguo” displays a contrast to the dense skyline of high-rise buildings of the metropolis. It is a thriving colonial neighborhood with a mix of architectural styles from Spanish buildings to French and Antillean townhouses comprising around 800 buildings.

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