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Panama City Three Toed Sloths


Panama City Jungle Touring There are several protected tropical reserves stretching from Panama City along the Panama Canal. Along the western side of the canal is the Sovereignty National Park, one the city’s largest green areas and a natural habitat of more than 300 winged miracles, mammals, amphibians and insects for a thrill!. It is […]

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Pedasi Tour Pedasí is a town located on the south-eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast.  Based out of Los Santos province, it has a population estimated on 4696 inhabitants. Known for it fishing activities and lively annual carnival, but it also hosts beautiful beaches for sport fishing, diving and surfing. You […]

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Anton Valley Panama Taxi


Anton Valley Tour A town of around 7,600 people, 25Km off the Interamerican highway, known for two things above all else: wind and water. Experience the volcanic soil and year-round spring-like climate that makes it ideal for different species of plants and animals to thrive in this place. There are several species of flowers and […]

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